2018 Social Justice Summit

Want to be a part of the movement? Passionate about Social Justice? Come volunteer at the 2018 Social Justice Summit. Volunteers are always welcome and must attend the Social Justice Summit Retreat (date and time to be announced). The benefits of being a volunteer include:

  • Your conference fee is waived (for non-students)
  • Opportunity to meet new people with similar interests (social justice)
  • FREE snacks
  • A unique chance to see what it is like “behind the scenes” of a conference

Please fill out and return the volunteer form to the MultiCultural Center at House 55, FAX to 707.826.3363, or mail to:

Mona Mazzotti
Publicity Specialist- Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence
Humboldt State University
Phone: 707.826.3369
Email: mona.mazzotti@humboldt.edu