Social Justice Summit

March 2nd and March 7th, 2020

Humboldt State University

Presenting Keynote Speaker: Mia Mingus on March 6th @ KBR, 5pm

Presenting Featured Speaker: Abby Abinanti on March 3rd @ KBR, 5pm

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Dear Campus Community:


JOIN US March 2nd and 7th, 2020 for the 26th Annual Social Justice Summit hosted by the HSU MultiCultural Center! The theme this year is “Justice”. The Social Justice Summit is a space that challenges and questions the dominant narratives that have been instilled into our minds and bodies. Historically, the Summit has been a weekend of learning and growth, where attendees have the opportunity to use different forms of expression that further their understanding of Social Justice. 


This year has proven to be a year of major destruction, where certain human beings were treated as inferior and lives were lost -- this is our reality. The reality is a small percentage of society disproportionately holds the most wealth and power. The reality is our public education, as well as our higher education, is designed to make us content and complicit with this reality by teaching us not to question, resist, or disrupt. The reality is elitist tools, like discrimination of all forms, secure elitists’ wealth and power by oppressing our ability to question, resist, and disrupt. Most importantly, the reality is that our society has never changed for us. The reality is, We changed it for us. It is up to us to continue to question, resist, and disrupt the hegemonic ideologies, processes, and systems that oppress us all. 


Interested in presenting a workshop or facilitation of a panel? 

For details, deadlines, descriptions and more please go to:


The Summit is an excellent opportunity for professional development and more! We invite students, faculty, staff and community members to be involved in the Summit by: 

  •  enrolling in the class

  • volunteering

  • or registering to participate in the Summit


The Social Justice Summit is also a one-unit class offered in the Ethnic Studies and Women’s Studies departments! Registration is through Extended Education. The Summit is free for faculty, staff and community members. 

Are you interested in presenting a workshop or facilitating a panel? For details, deadlines, descriptions and more please go to the Summit Proposal page.

We look forward to seeing you at the 26th Annual Social Justice Summit.

If you have any questions, please contact the MultiCultural Center at 707.826.3364 or email or

We hope to see you there!